"Plop" is our homage to Comedian and podcast pied piper, Doug Benson. Benson created "plop" as his slang for the date he releases his podcast (Doug Loves Movies) for download. The podcast version of an album "dropping." Thus, podcasts be "plopping." 

And then there were Podcasts! Following the audio-centric history of comedy, including radio shows, comedy albums and good ol' face-to-face conversations and stage performances, digital shows (the kids call 'em podcasts) are the newest way to enjoy great comedy content from a swath of smart, funny and talented people. We're currently witnessing a boom in online comedy shows and the people should know about it.

The Plop List Directory isn't meant to be all-inclusive. Our list will focus on the funniest, most popular and most critically acclaimed - while trying to bring a variety of styles and topics to your attention.

These digital shows are another great outlet for the talented and funny people working today - merely just the tip of the proverbial comedy iceberg. Thus, our tracking efforts will extend to our handy-dandy BLOG. There, we'll share our favorites in digital shows, while updating on technology, as well as comedy in general, its digital offspring and the writers, performers and supporters bringing the funny to the people.